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Producers of the most precious of Campania’s treasures: the Mozzarella di Bufala Dop. Taking advantage of the best workers in the industry and thanks to strong management skills, competitive spirit and growing passion for production, the dairy reaches unexpected levels, becoming a qualified supplier of customers both on national an International field.



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Over the years the company has expanded and diversified the type of markets, always providing safe products that have been recognized with quality standards at International levels. Starting from the punctual and rigorous application of HACCP procedures, the quality system has been extended in order to obtain the IFS certification. Where there are different religious and cultural realities, the company has obtained the Halal certification, strengthening the controls throughout the supply chain.

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of tradition

Without neglecting the observance of traditional production factors, starting from the meticulous selection of selected raw materials using a precise and targeted control plan, the company ensures that the products meet the most stringent hygiene-sanitary parameters while maintaining the organoleptic qualities unaltered , offering the consumer a healthy and nutritious product.

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